Our Toddler Room

Emmanuel Lutheran School enrolls students starting at 16 months old, making us one of the few preschools for children who are under 2 years old and not potty trained. The Toddler Room is for students 16 months to 23 months.

Every week has a very basic focus concept that toddlers can understand. An example weekly concept is talking about what we do every day – what we drink, what we do to keep ourselves clean, sleeping and getting exercise. There is a weekly Bible focus as well that ties into to the weekly concept.
preschools for under 2 years old and not potty trained
Example arrival activities:

  • Puzzles
  • Playdough
  • Coloring or painting with watercolors

Example center activities:

  • Stacking blocks
  • Pretend play
  • Exploring tasting different foods
  • Art time.

Please view our Enrichment page for more fun activities!

Teacher Bio

Jordan Kell has been working at Emmanuel since June of 2013 and she absolutely loves it! Here is how she describes it, “Working with this age groups is definitely an adventure every single day. They are an amazing and extremely smart bunch of children and I love that I get to help them learn and see them grow and improve so much from the beginning of the year. Whether it’s potty training or simply learning how to put a puzzle together it always puts a smile on my face when they are happy with what they have accomplished.” She is planning on getting a degree in pre-school education specializing with infants and toddlers and hopes to become a preschool teacher. Her other passions are baking, cooking, art, writing, reading, and history.

Please view our Enrollment Page for more information about Enrollment, Tuition and Fees.